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The Medal of Honor Grove is located on the campus of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. It is a 42 acre natural woodland and is designed as a living memorial to over 3,500 recipients of our nation’s highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor. A section of the Grove is designated for each of the 50 states, including our territories Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Each Medal of Honor Recipient is identified by a stainless steel marker with the name and military organization of the Recipient and the date and location of the act of valor. The recipient’s name is also inscribed on the state obelisk of which he/she entered service.

Two additional memorials are at the entrance. One is the AOH Memorial which honors over 150 immigrants who received the Medal of Honor but, because they were not citizens, could not be honored in a state. The second is the Chaplains Memorial that honors 9 chaplains who received the Medal of Honor.

In 2011, the Friends of the Medal of Honor Grove, a 501c3 was created by community members to maintain and enhance the Grove. Since that time, the Friends have updated all the recipients names in their accredited state or territory, re-paved all the roadways, became a level 1 Arboretum and is currently removing hundreds of dead or diseased trees. The Friends are a 100% voluntary organization depending on private donations to keep the Grove in the honorable condition it is in. Over 800 people volunteer to work in the Grove yearly with company  and community service days.

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The Friends of the Medal of Honor Grove is a 501(c)3 non profit organization which assumed the restoration and maintenance of the Grove in 2011. Your donations are needed to keep this memorial in the honorable condition it is.

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