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The Congressional Medal of Honor Society of the United States of America is perhaps the “most exclusive organization” in our country…it is certainly one of the most unique. Its small membership includes men of all races, social classes and economic levels. They range in stature from 5’2″ to 6’7″, in age from 27 to 96, and they live in all areas of our Country. No amount of money, power or influence can buy one’s rite of passage to this exclusive circle, and unlike almost any other organization, this group’s members hope that there will be no more inductees. Beyond this attitude towards recruitment, about all they have in common is a passionate love for the United States of America and the distinct honor of wearing our Nation’s highest award for military valor, the Medal of Honor. Search recipient information here.

The Medal of Honor Foundation’s mission is to perpetuate the legacy of the Medal of Honor and support the objectives, programs, and activities of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and Medal of Honor recipients. Promote American values and the qualities of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism through increased awareness, education, ethical behavior, and example. Learn more here.

Military Awards for Valor- Top 3, US Department of Defense
America has a time-honored tradition of recognizing the acts of valor performed by Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. The lists included at the links below allow you to share in this tradition and honor those individuals awarded our nation’s most prestigious valor awards. View names of military award recipients here.

The National Medal of Honor Museum
The Medal of Honor is our nation’s highest and most prestigious military decoration. Presented to over 3,500 recipients since its founding during the Civil War, the medal symbolizes the timeless American ideals of courage, patriotism, sacrifice, integrity, and humility.

The stories of Medal of Honor recipients, demonstrating bravery in combat at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty, serve as a beacon to all Americans. These legacies deserve a permanent home on the national landscape. The National Medal of Honor Museum will be their home. Learn more here.