Dear Friends,

Cleanup from the June storms continues. We hope to have the brush along the roadways cleared out soon. View our progress here.

We are having a different kind of service day on Sat. July 18th with Sun. July 19th the bad weather date.

For those in Chester County, we have just gone GREEN, which means we can assemble in groups. Because the Grove is 42 acres, we feel comfortable to have a day where we can wash obelisks and ground plaques safely.

To join us you must:

Have a mask with you and wear it if you come within 6 feet of another volunteer.

Social distance with other volunteers.

If this is a concern for you, please wait for another service day when the situation has improved. We value all our volunteers and want everyone to stay healthy.

 Even though we are outside and there are plenty of acres to avoid people, it’s only natural that we gravitate to one another, especially since we haven’t seen one another for almost a year. Some of us have lost or almost lost loved ones and we want everyone to be protected during this time.

We ask that you bring your own:


Brushes (NO METAL bristles)


Tools for weeding brickwork


As always:

Wear appropriate footwear

Drinking water

Bug repellent


We will supply water and cleaning agents. FYI – Fiberglass obelisks are cleaned with a different cleaner than granite obelisks.

Please contact me directly with the number of people coming and for your assigned state/territory, the time and location to meet. Also, if you need assistance walking, as the golf cart can only accommodate 2 people at a time with social distancing.

We hope to see you on the 18th!




Volunteer Director