Womens History Month



March is Womens History Month. We honor all women who are or have served our country.

We begin Womens History Month with a Friends of the Grove supporter, original Rosie the Riveter, Mae Krier. Mae is a Bucks County resident who was a riveter a 17 yrs old, for Boeing in Seattle WA during WWII. In recent years, she promoted Natl Rosie the Riveter Day, the Congressional Gold Medal for Rosie (passed congress and signed into law in 2019) and through giving away 5,000 masks during the pandemic has also received the honor of her mask and signed bandana going to space with Boeing this month. They will be worn by Rosie the Rocketeer. Mae enjoyed visiting her home state of North Dakota in 2018. Follow her on Facebook at Honor Rosie.

  5,000 Grand Boeing B-17 bomber that Mae helped build




  Read about Medal of Honor Recipient Douglas Munro’s mother – Lt. Edith Munro – an amazing woman here


Dr. Mary Walker is the only woman to date to receive the Medal of Honor. She is accredited to Kentucky in the Grove and is also on the New York obelisk.

View Dr. Walker’s contract with the Army here

Learn more about Dr. Walker here