The Friends Environmental Management Initiative



From the very beginning of development of the Medal of Honor Grove, over 50 years ago, it was intended that the Grove be a beautiful and natural setting where mankind and nature would co-exist. Since the Friends of the Medal of Honor Grove became stewards of the Grove in 2011 and began its restoration, they have continually worked to improve the Grove by practicing environmentally safe land management.

Unfortunately, humankind has done considerable damage to the habitat of many creatures that share our world.  It is well past the time that all of us take responsibility for our actions and work to replace lost habitat and the native plants and trees that support the wildlife in our area.

Over the last several years, many changes have taken place at the Grove to remove dead or dying trees as well as non-native (invasive) plants.  This has been done in an environmentally responsible way in order to improve the Grove.  We have left some parts of trees to serve as snags and made brush piles with fallen limbs, both serving as shelter and food sources for the varied wildlife that calls the Grove its home.

In the last several years many native trees and shrubs have been planted resulting in a butterfly garden and also providing for trees throughout the Grove that will support the future food sources of our native wildlife and migratory birds that come here to nest and feed their young.  We are mowing most areas at a higher setting in order to not damage or destroy creatures such as frogs, toads and turtles.  And we have plans to continue to plant native trees, shrubs and plants to further improve the habitat of the Grove.

In order to educate us all on the environmental issues we need to overcome and the steps each of us can take with our own properties, a series of twelve signs are now installed within the Grove. We hope you will visit, learn and enjoy.