Rules for Grove Visitors

​The entrance is at the Gatehouse located across from the Gold Star Families Memorial. The Campus, which includes the Grove is private property. The Medal of Honor Grove has a conservation easement on it so that it can never be developed or sold.

View and print the Medal of Honor Grove Map here

The Friends of the Medal of Honor Grove is the non-profit organization, made up of community members, that maintains its grounds and is responsible for its recent restoration. The Friends have no paid staff, is all voluntary and raises the funds to keep this memorial safe, beautiful and an honorable memorial. It is the oldest living memorial to our Medal of Honor Recipients.

Unauthorized vehicles are not permitted to drive the pathways however tours are available by appointment. If you’d like a tour email

General Rules to be followed:

  • ​The Grove is open ONLY from sunrise to sunset for pedestrians
  • The Grove is closed if winds exceed 15 MPH
  • No hunting or trapping in the Grove or on the FFVF Campus
  • Guests’ animals must be leashed AT ALL TIMES (see below)
  • Guests must clean up after their animals. Courtesy Dog Waste Stations are provided throughout the Grove at the expense of the Friends of the Grove
  • No food or alcoholic beverages are permitted within the Grove
  • No vehicles are allowed in the Grove without prior authorization by a representative of the Friends of the Grove or Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
  • No firearms are permitted on campus or in the Grove (unless part of a program)
  • Respect the memorial areas
  • Gamers are not permitted in any buildings on campus or in vehicles in the Grove. They are welcome to walk the grounds.

Unleashed Dogs

Sadly, due to several incidences in the Grove involving unleashed dogs attacking leashed dogs, jumping on people and not being cleanup up after, there are now signs posted at 4 locations. If a dog jumps on you or attacks your dog, please call 911 or 610-935-2440. Tell the dispatcher there is a visitor with an unleashed dog at the Medal of Honor Grove in Schuylkill Township and describe the incident. The Schuylkill Township Police are aware and have advised us to call them.